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Faoladh is a stereoscopic virtual reality film that follows the perilous journey of a 9th century Irish child who's village is attacked by Viking raiders. In the film you take on role of a wolf like guardian spirit and protector of the children from the woods of ancient Ireland.

In collaboration with Google VR and the V-Sense Project Trinity College, Tile Films have created Ireland's first live action VR film. The film also formed part of a research paper that was published by Springer.

A lot of work goes into a production like this, here's a short video for context that shows some of the awesome crew in action!

There is a huge amount of planning you need to do when shooting something like this. You need to borrow from UX design and combine that with traditional storytelling to create a journey that allows for moments of both rest and exhilaration - sort of like designing a roller coaster, the path we take must be meticulously mapped.


Faoladh is available to watch in VR but can also be shown on a cinema screen like any other film.

Faoladh is also being shown on a 700 square meter hybrid cinema as part of the Beyond festival in Heilbronn Germany. This giant 3D cinema is one of a kind and comes complete with fog, wind and other interactive elements allowing the viewer to take part in an immersive experience without the need for VR goggles or other isolating hardware. It’s the perfect place for Faoladh and were delighted to be collaborating with Experimenta and the Beyond festival teams.

You can now read an interview with 'Faoladh' director Delcan Dowling on the Mobile Movie Making website - talking all things VR and the process of bringing 'Faoladh' to life. mobilemoviemaking.com