Faoladh is a stereoscopic virtual reality film that follows the perilous journey of a 9th century Irish child who's village is attacked by Viking raiders. In the film you take on role of a wolf like guardian spirit and protector of the children from the woods of ancient Ireland.

Behind the scenes
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"A huge amount of planning is needed to tell a story in VR. Like designing a roller coaster, the path must be meticulously mapped."
- Declan Dowling

How to watch
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You can watch Faoladh on any headset that supports YouTube VR but on your phone or tablet you should be able to tilt, swipe and rotate to explore.

On your desktop, you can click and drag with your mouse to navigate but if your luck enough to still own a pair of red/blue 3d glasses, try changing the 3D settings to anaglyph for an amazing retro effect.

Awards & Screenings

Tile Films cinematic VR experience “Faoladh” has made its way to the silver screen, but not just any screen, Faoladh is being shown on a 700 square meter hybrid cinema thanks to Beyond, Experimenta and the V-Sense Project Trinity College.

The film is also making its mark on the festival circuit having been nominated twice at the Venice TV Awards (One for "Best of Technology and Innovation" and one for "Children / Youth") and is now being screened at the Future Imaging Art Week in collaboration with vrcore in China.

“It’s really great to see Irish art and Irish culture being supported aboard, it’s critical for nascent art forms like VR to be shared on a global stage so we can unlock more diverse opportunities for creative collaboration.”

said Declan Dowling who directed the film in collaboration with Google VR.

Source IFTN

Latest News

Faoladh tops the official Best of VR Playlist on YouTube with over 90,000 views!

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